Monday, April 9, 2012

Technology in Education

Something valuable found on twitter, that I wanted to share. I opted to follow the 21st Century Teacher (@21stCenturyTch) on twitter. They sent me a message to check out the website The 21st Century Teacher. I think that this site is very valuable to teachers.
The post that got my attention that I wanted to share is Technology in Education- Why? by Jake Glasgow. It is a very informal post on why we as teachers should include technology in our classrooms. On statement I caught on to is "it is our job as educators to prepare our students to succeed in a world as it is (will be)the best we can."
I encourage all of you to check it out and my comment I left on the post. Also check out John Pages's answers to why we should have this technology in education.

Here is also a video from the post I wanted to share.
Learning to Change/Changing to Learn: Student Voices:

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