Saturday, April 21, 2012

C4K April Summary

Cool Chicks With Power Kicks For this C4K I got to experience the World Blog Challenge. I was introduced to Daisy W, a student in New Zealand. My first comment was on her post about New Zealand. She really know a lot about where she lives. I learned a few things from her, for example, I did not know that New Zealand was separated by three different islands. The island that she lives on, Mount Maunganui, is located in the North Island. They had a ship crash into the reef and destroyed the beaches; I thought that was sad. Daisy stated that she has traveled many places, so I asked her to name a few; because I would love to travel. I think it is great to be able to travel. It shocked me that she had traveled to France and Thailand but had not ever been to the South Island of New Zealand.
New Zealand Map
My second comment on Daisy W. was on her avatar. I thought this was neat. She was able to create an image of herself to place on her blog. I was curious about this and asked her what site she used because it was a good picture. I also encouraged her to write another post on New Zealand. I think that it is a beautiful place. For the third comment I was suppossed to write on Daisy; I chose another student on her blog. They had been on their holiday and had not posted anything new. I chose Lily. We had a lot in common. Her post was on ten random things about her, and I think it is good to learn about new people. I found out that Lily has a rat and likes to have parties. She seems to be a prankster, because she stated that she placed whipped cream on her Nana's couch. I thought that was funny.
The last and final C4K I got to do for now was on a Self Portrait by Shayna in Ms. Cassidy's Year one class. It was a nicely drawn picture of three girls with different colored shirts on. It just amazes me that first graders are using technology in this way and sparking a revolution for education. I was wondering which girl in the picture was her, so I asked. I went on to discuss my favorite color was green and that if I drew myself, I would have on a green shirt. I also asked who she drew in the picture with her. I wanted to know if if was her sisters.

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