Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Engage in an E-Media Fast 

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I was asked to engage in an e-media fast, meaning I was not allowed to use any type of electronic devices from television to cell phones. I mean nothing. I attempted this process about three times. It was very difficult. Having two children it was extremely hard to refrain from the television, even though I really do not watch it, and my cell phone. I can say that I did refrain from my cellular device the longest.
All the time in the past, growing up, I do not see how I survived with out a cell. I actually turned mine on vibrate and had my daughter Kaylee check when it vibrated that it was not anyone super important. She thought I had gone nuts. I think the hardest part of not having my cell phone was that I am constantly checking my Facebook on it and/or checking my email and I could not do that. I never realized how much time I spent flicking through pages on my phone. WOW.
At first I did not think this assignment would be hard. I quickly found out that I was wrong.My computer was a big issue also. It was very hard to stay off of it, seeing as how I am on it 24 hours a day it seems like. My fingers were just itching to get on and type or check something to do with school. I realized that when I got bored; I wanted to get online or get on the phone and chat.
I just realized how dependent I am on these devices. I actually felt somewhat empty with out my phone. I know it sounds crazy. My grandmother has always told me to just glue that thing to my hand. I see what she is saying know. When I was in school I didn't have the devices that I have now. Not like my kids, who both have tablets and televisions in their rooms. I attempted to get my oldest daughter to do this with me but she quickly rejected. Saying, MOM what will I do if I do not have my tablet. That made me think, I wonder if that is what most kids these days say when they get to school.
I wonder if they are just counting down the minutes to get home to their devices? Then it dawned on me they probably are. If we incorporate these tools in the classroom the students would surely be more engaged. Time has changed and now I see the beauty of technology devices and multimedia tools and still wonder how we ever did anything without them.

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