Sunday, April 29, 2012

C4T Four

Intrepid Teacher

For this C4T, I had had the opportunity to explore Mr. Jabiz Raisdana. In the post, Identify the Boundaries , he raises questions about sharing. After exploring around on his blog , I realized that Mr. Raisdana is a advocate for open expression and sharing for students and teachers. He teaches at the Sinarmas World Academy and is building a community of learners. Mr. Raisdana wants students to fulfill their human potential.

He raises many questions in the post, for example, what do we feel uncomfortable sharing online?, what can we gain from it?, and how does openness connect us to others?. Having the openness to connect and share with others gives unrelated individuals the opportunity to relate to one another. Sharing can form relationships that are long-lasting and helpful. A community of learning that is limitless through the web. Living in a very open world today, wouldn't you want your students to explore and be susceptible to many things? What better way than to guide them to share. By sharing, we can find people to befriend and learn from them. A connection that ties us all together.

Mr. Raisdana makes a good point that we all mostly share the positive things about our goals and life in general. Why not let out some negative aspects, or something that has happened that we learned from? This, I believe, could help others. He asks the readers to think about three questions that were somewhat tricky to answer. The three questions were as follows: 1. What makes you feel uncomfortable? 2. What is too private to share? 3. What is too much to share?
They were tricky because it took a while for me to answer. Think about it, even though most of us are very open to share our thoughts and views, there are some things that we hold back. Some say that individuals should only post appropriate things, but what really is appropriate? It varies from person to person. As I commented on the post, if something is going to make me feel uncomfortable when people asks me questions then I will not write it. All in all the boundaries are based on the actual person.
In reality there should be no boundaries, except the cultural no nos, and he points a few out in the post also. The more we share, the more people can relate to us, and the more we can learn from each other.
Jabiz Rasidana

Launch Forth

In this post Mr. Jabiz is discussing Walt Whitman and Ze Frank. I have never read anything by Walt Whitman and the poem that I was introduced to was Noiseless Patient Spider. Mr. Jabiz discusses the connection that Walt Whitman makes to connections and the web. The best part of this post was about Ze Frank. He is very interesting. As I commented on the post, I took a very powerful thought with me; which was that our thoughts can make us feel unconnected, actually connect all of us. We connect on the web. The point was very well made.

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