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C4K March


For this C4K, I got to post on Jennifer's blog post of a 100 word count. She told a small story about a wasp. As I commented on her post, she has a great imagination and good word choice. I asked her to explain the 100wc a little more to me, because I tried to research her assignment and wanted to know more.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Short Movie Project 11

Blog Post # 8

This is How we Dream Parts 1 and 2

This two part video by Richard E. Miller is fascinating. He and his colleague has some extreme ideas. Dr. Miller is a writing professor at Rutgers University. The videos focus on writing with multimedia. A way we can all communicate globally. It is a way for students and educators to use up to date and ever-changing information. Information at our fingertips. Writing in a pen and paper way is a solidarity act, but when individuals take it to a virtual experience, they involve everyone. Dr. Miller refers to this as a incremental change. Incremental meaning a gradual change to the virtual world.
He also referred to research opportunities. With this writing with multimedia style, students can perform projects without ever stepping into a library. This idea I can grasp. It could be beneficial for certain children and their education. I am particularly interested in special needs children. Some of whom can not write and read. Having this multimedia aspect in schools could help them excel in ways as never before. For instance, a special needs child who can not write. The student can use the keyboard to write what he or she is trying to express. Communication can become easier for these children. Having everything at their fingertips is a valuable aspect.
Using the virtual world to do projects is a great way for children who are sick and/or can not leave the house. They do not have to miss out on assignments and collaborate with the class through the networking.A web based document is freely shared and constantly updating. It is always changing. The digital environment, in my opinion, would be a plus to the educational system.

Are teachers that have been in the system ready for this change? I would be worried. Some are stuck in the 'old-fashioned' ways that they do not even want to try to educate themselves on topics as this. But as upcoming teachers in a digital world, we should familiarize ourselves as much as possible. The ideas are slowly creeping up and taking over. Granted it will be a while until this takes over, but the possibilities are limitless. I hope I am preparing my self for the change. It is fascinating that individuals can take a written on paper document, read it and be done; not retaining anything. When the document is made on the web and virtually shared the individuals can bookmark it or save it and refer back to it when needed. A way to push ideas and arguments into the ever-changing culture.

Carly Pugh's Blog Post 12

For this assignment Dr. Strange instructed us to read Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12, and I am glad he did. This class has opened my eyes in many ways and this blog post opened them even wider. She refers to creating a playlist on you tube. A playlist that would refer to our teaching philosophy. With her playlist she did a great job in opening up the eyes of upcoming teachers. Dr. Strange wanted us to think about how close she comes to Dr. Miller and his philosophy of writing with multimedia, and Ms. Carly is very close.
A video she has posted on her post, Six Questions for Everyday, is something that all teachers should watch. School is a haven for children for almost for 12 years. It should be a place where they feel safe and want to come. We, as teachers, should make it worth their while. This particular video made me think that if teachers can not answer most of the questions with a YES, then maybe they need a new profession. Teachers should be able to reach the child on their level and keep them entertained. Take music for example, It is entertaining and everybody loves it. When a child hears a song on the radio even for the first time; when it comes on again they can at least carry the tune of the song. They grasped it because it interested them. I personally believe that if education was taught in a way that children could relate to and enjoy; that they would be more excited about school.
In the video, which I am going to share on my post because I really think that it encompasses what "teachers should be", asks questions such as, Do you have the curiosity of a child. Questions like that make me re-evaluate myself. Think about it, of course teachers should have the curiosity of a child. In this way they can better relate. Its not only the students that are learning. One thing I have learned is that teachers can gain much knowledge from the students. I do not know if this is what Dr. Strange intended for us to gain from the assignment, but I truly have stepped back and answered these questions. My philosophy of teaching will be that I want my students to engage themselves and want to come to class. I want them to want to be at school more than at home. A classroom with no limits, to an extent. I intend on my students to share their opinion and be enthusiastic about their education.
A video that Ms. Carly also shared from her playlist is one entitled, "Think Different". I have to say that when I build my playlist to share with all, I will definitely be including this one. One statement that hit me hard is " the people crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do". Individuals who step outside the boundaries, who take teaching to another level and push the ideas among people are the ones that stand out. Ms. Carly's post made me want to be the one who stands out. I want to be remembered for making a change even if it is in just one child. Think about it. Watch the video .

Video Idea

I believe the primary reason for the Chipper Series was to encourage students who are new to EDM 310, to keep up with the assignments and how much time the class requires. Also the importance of the class to our education and upcoming careers.
I personally think that this class should be required for all majors. My idea for a video would be a bit like the Chipper Series. The class is very intimidating at first, very overwhelming. A video that consists of a preview to the class for students to watch before actually beginning the class would be beneficial for some.
For example, the video could consist of things like an introduction to blogging since some people have never encountered it before. Students could be in the lab and actually performing some of the required activities and giving short tutorials on them. We could have past students speaking discussing the pros and cons of EDM 310. It would be like a preview of a movie. That way students could realize the importance of the class and the amount of time it takes; so they can decide if they are taking the class at the right time. I think a preview of EDM 310 would help the students better prepare themselves for the class. I personally would have done some research on certain things to familiarize myself with the tools needed in EDM 310. I am sure I am not the only one. Dr. Strange could update it every so often with newer students and any changes that he makes to the class.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

A group of brilliant individuals made this video to reach out to the educational systems. The schools of today are not preparing the children of the real world. They are growing up in a society of technological advancements that are limitless. I enjoyed this video and agree with the high points that they refer to. The children of today dwell in networking sites and technology. For example, most children spend more time on the internet than actually reading a book. So why not make the books virtual?
The title of this video speaks for itself. Children thrive in a rich environment and as one individual states the school is not a rich enviroment for the schools. Some educational environments are more interested in getting them in and passing the tests for high graduation rates. Some say that this aspect makes the schools look better. In my opinion, who cares about the scores and rates of a school. If the child is not thriving and ready for the real world upon graduation; what is the point of all those years on school. The need for a new classroom is imperative today. A nontraditional classroom with the student at the center performing abilities of understanding and creativity.
As the video points out the classroom should become a community of learning with access to tools that will reflect and relate to their everyday life. Most jobs are team based or some form of teamwork and the students should start early in preparing themselves on collaborating together on projects. To change the schools we are changing the students in ways that will help them in the future. We must start with the teacher and prepare them for this change. How can the student learn and excel in the technological world if the teacher is blind to it? The students have so many things they can access with the touch of a finger and we as teachers should push them in that direction. A learning process that has changed from memorization and boredom to creativity and excitement.
We need teachers who step outside the box and remodel the classroom to fit today's children. As the individuals in the video, I hope the system makes this change. The students will be excited and flourish in ways that are unimaginable. An environment where students actually learn and enjoy it; using the tools they use for extracurricular fun. Combining the two is a great idea. They learn much more through technology of today.
classroom community

Scavenger Hunt 2.0

In this section of the post we were instructed to explore the site Web 20.11, which is now Web 20.12. On this site I found a great way for lessons to come to life in the classroom. I have never heard of this before and it is really easy to use. Animoto
is a tool for creating videos and presentations in the classroom. It includes some nice features that are super easy to use. Just to name a few, spotlight lets you give specific items more screen time and Cinematic A.I automatically analyzes your music and pictures.
After creating an account locate the pricing link on the top right corner of the web page. They offer a free download, but it only allows you to make 30 second videos, a plus version or a pro version. There is also an iPhone app that users can download where you can shot your videos anywhere. As I stated before, it is very easy to use. All you do is chose a style, music, add pictures and text then produce your video. Here is a sample I created for a preview to the podcast I had to do.

Try our video maker at Animoto.

Poll Everywhere
My first poll:


I chose edmodo for this piece of my post. It is a networking site where teachers can post assignments and collaborate with others. I created an account to visually see all the features. It is a site where students can join a group I create and follow it all year. The assignments and a class calender can be posted on my page. All students can join to keep up with the events of class. Like Facebook, I can have daily posts. Another good feature is the community link. A support community where teachers can connect with other teachers.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Social Media Policy

This assignment I was given the opportunity to Mr. David Hopkins site, Don't Waste Your Time. I have taken the time to explore around and found some interesting things. I placed a comment on his post about the key elements of Victoria, Australia's Department of Justice social media policy. The video that was provided was explaining the connections in social media between personal life and the workplace. The main point that was made is that the two should not overlap. As I commented on this post, Dr. Strange tells us that, 'We are leaving a intellectual trail for future employers', and the video clearly makes this point. There are thousands of social media networks. Twenty hours a month are used on these sites and privacy is a major issue. Individuals who use these networks should consider the privacy acts and understand that all of it is public. The video also explains that when commenting on social networks for a company that the comment is directed to everyone who works there; but when individuals comment personally it is a factor that people take into account. One example that places emphasis on this is posting pictures. The director placed a picture of someone that looks as if they had been partying, and asks the question would we want our employers to see that. I know I would not want that. Our personal life should not interfere with our professional.
The Conversation Prism

Dr. John Strange's Strange Thoughts


In Dr. Strange's blog, he provided some thoughts on lectures. Comments from Mr. Jeffery Young's article about Michael Welsch and lecturing. I agree with Mr. Young in that the messanger of a lecture is more important that the message. It is hard for students to keep along with an hour long lecture without being distracted. Therefore, having a professor who is actively engaging the students and making it enjoyable will help the student with attentiveness. That is the major problem with lectures.
student sleeping in lecture

As I commented on Dr. Strange's post, I hope to lead discussion based lectures. Lectures where the students are directed questions and have a active role in it. As Micheal Wesch states, the bond between professor and student is important. The students learning the material and retaining the information is equally important to me. Again as I stated in my post, what is the purpose of school and education if the students are not learning and retaining the information. I also think that smaller class sizes will help the issues of lecturing. With small classes the instructor can involve everyone in an active lecture.
active lecture

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blog Post # 7

Networked Student by:Wendy Drexler

In this video, The Networked Student, Mrs. Drexler informs us about students in the 21st Century. The idea of connectivism is a great way of learning. Learning that will stay with the students throughout their educational experience, as well as their careers. Connectivism is the idea of no textbooks and no lectures. Instead it is a learning base by using networks and connections.
There are so many sites that can assist the student in the learning process. One that is mentioned in the video is google scholar. It helps students find articles and web pages related to the material that is needed for class assignments; the items that are presented is needed for educational purposes. Without lectures, the video directed attention to podcasts. A student can find podcasts on the assignments that are presented to them, and have a lecture on their own by various professors. The question that was raised was " Why does the networked student even need a teacher?".
The answer to that question is simple. Students need mentors and guidance throughout the schooling years. In connectivism, instead of the teacher standing in front of the class and lecturing on and on about material pushing facts into the students head, they serve as a tool. A tool that pushes the student in the right direction, helps them when they are stuck on an assignment and to praise them on a job well done. The networked student uses all the tools of technology to gather information. If the student has never used them before then the teacher is there to help them understand the proper use of the technological tools.
The children are in control of their learning and this gives them motivation to succeed. Note that all children are not the same. Some learn better on their own and some learn more efficiently with a mentor giving directions and rules. Teachers today, should prepare themselves on how to handle that situation. They need to start thinking about the future and what could possibly happen in schools. 21st century learning is happening in places and creeping up in every school. While it is good to have one on one interactions with teachers, the students do indeed learn by far more when they are actively learning and pursuing it on their own. This video was a learning experience for me, I am ready to become a 21st century teacher and guide children in ways that will influence them for the rest of their lives.
networked student

A 7th graders PLE

This particular 7th grade class is focused on internet based learning. The children have control of their learning experience via the internet. This student in the video states that it provides a responsibility to her that is helpful. Her PLE compared to my PLN, which I have just started, is way more advance. I only wish I got the educational skills in school that children are getting today. She uses a note taking site called evernote to keep track of all the information she uses. This will be a helpful tool for me. Also her PLE, is organized in rows of categories. For example, all of her school sites are in one row and her social sites are in another. I definitely think that would help me have a more organized PLN, and it would benefit me in learning the use of it. As I began search helpful insights on building my PLN, I stumbled across this video, that can be useful.

Project # 10

Progress of PLN

The progress of my PLN is slowly coming along. I have acquired some sites and people to help me through my learning. I chose to use Symbaloo for my PLN.
I am trying to get used to using it. I normally just use the bookmarking tool. I like the idea that I have everything in one area and I do not have to go back and forth through my bookmarks. I have not set it as my home page yet, but I think I would get used to using it more and more if I do that. Hopefully as I continue to use it, I will become more familiar with it. One helpful webpage I found to assist me in the process is Sue Waters Blog post on PLNs. She conducted a survey of PLN users and the results helped me get started.


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Blog Post # 6

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving your childhood dreams

Randy Pausch

This video absolutely brought tears to my eyes. In Randy Pausch's last lecture he discusses lessons learned, achieving childhood dreams and advice. He also talks about enabling the dreams of others. This amazing video has touched my heart. How Mr. Pausch was so upbeat about his cancer is awesome. He had liver tumors and was given six months to live. He states that we can't change the cards we are dealt, but to play the hand we got to the best of our ability. He focuses on four direct things which are as follows: have fun, never lose the childhood wonder, help others and have a feedback loop and listen to it. He also places emphasis on not complaining , being good at something, be prepared and find the best in everybody.

I took the advice he has given and am going to try to use it in everyday life. The heart of this man has touched my soul. "Permission to dream is huge" is one of the quotes I will definitely use in my classroom and even at home with my own children. Someone who can instill these values in the children is an amazing person to me. I want my classroom to know that everything is limitless. Even if the dreams are not accomplished that they, the students, will take something away form the experience. As Mr. Pausch promotes, the brick wall is there for a reason.

Brick walls are there to prove how bad we want the things we done. They are there for individuals to break the mold. Everyone has a good side and is capable of anything; if you give them a chance. Enable the dreams of others. What better way to do that than to be a educator. To be able to mold children and teach them how to be self reflective are things I want to achieve in my classroom. I want my students to see that there are no limits and they can have fun while learning. Mr. Pausch said the best way to teach someone something is, they have to think they are learning something else. He refers to this as a head fake.
Randy Pausch

The tears began to pour when I realized that I was experiencing a head fake during this video. I never thought I would be so interested in a lecture as I was this one. Truly Mr. Pausch has changed my outlook on many things. I plan to use all of his advice in my classroom. His students were very lucky to have him as a teacher. I can only imagine what they learned from him. I am sure the range of possibilities is never ending. The determination he has had, makes me see that focusing on people and being loyal are imperative to the things I plan to accomplish.

As I have said before, I want to be the one person that changes a child's life. To teach is something that is a gift and we should cherish it and use it to our advantage. Even if it is a small change that pushes a child in the right direction; I will feel like I have achieved my goal. I will not stop or set the bar for myself. Mr. Pausch is a role model to educators and if you are reading this and haven't watched the Last Lecture; then you most definitely should. It gave my the push I needed to become the teacher I want to be when I graduate.

Randy Pausch Quote

Project 8 - Podcast