Sunday, April 1, 2012

C4T Three

New Prep, New Digs

For this C4T, I was assigned to Mr. Frank Noschese. This post was on his new class for the quarter. A chemistry class with only 11 students in it. I was shocked to see that their was only 11 kids in the class. That is a great size classroom for the students to learn and actually grasp the material. As I commented on his post, I like small classes; because the teacher- student relationship is closer. He will be placing emphasis on student-centered models and use the OPPS curriculum. Which deals with three types of matter. The students can focus on the material and take it with them. Seems exciting. The fact that the communication level will be high is another thing I like about this type of class. Mr. Noschese seems very interested in the subject, even though he stated it had been a while since he had chemistry. I hope one day I get to experience a class as this one. I wish Mr. Noschese the best of luck with his new class!
chemistry lab

My Challenge to Silicon Valley
by: Frank Noschese

In this post Mr. Noschese is somewhat comparing the "flipped" classroom to the traditional one. He uses informal graphs that show that interactive engagement outperform traditional classes. This was no surprise to me, with all the hype about the technology that is ever-changing schools and the students embracing it. He also gives some good points about the learning cycle. I completely agree with him,, in that, students should be continuously engaged in the learning cycle.
Children need time for exploring all the new resources that are available to them. I was a bit confused on the post, because I could not tell if he was for the advancements or not. I read the post a few times and came to the conclusion that he is in support of the somewhat "flipped" classroom. In my opinion, it is very important for the children to somewhat learn on their own and move away from rote memorization. But the fact of doing the classwork at home and the homework in class, is disturbing to me. The children should be able to explore on their own at home in different areas without guidance of a teacher. The instruction and lecturing, or the things a teacher does should be done in class.
Flipped Classroom

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