Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog Post # 11

Ms. Cassidy's Class and Skype Interview
Kathy Cassidy

Ms. Cassidy is a first grade teacher in Canada who uses technology as an educational tool in her classroom. In the class video, Little Kids Big Potential, the students give a overview of the things they use in the classroom. One of the tools that I want to use in my class room would be the class webpage. The students can access it at home to see past assignments and parents can keep up with the activities that the children are engaging in everyday. Ms. Cassidy posts pictures on the site with links to information that will help the students with assignments or learning material. I think that is a great idea.
Another tool I would like to try in my classroom would be the blogging experience. Ms. Cassidy states in the Skype interview that she has had a class blog for about 5 years. That just shows me how I was behind the advancements of education until this class. One of the students commented on the video that they feel they are better writers on the blog. All of the students in her classroom seemed excited about the things they do while at school. That is something I hope to accomplish in my classroom.
I want to now to talk a little more about the Skype Interview that I had the pleasure of watching. I wish I could have been in that class during the interview, because I would have asked Ms. Cassidy, how her classroom as a whole has changed since she began using the technology.
The fact that she made the computers useful in the classroom was great. I am sure that their are some teachers that would have just brushed them off as a reward. For example, some might have put the computers as a reward to use on Fridays for having good behavior. I think Ms. Cassidy had courage to attempt what she did years ago. As she stated in the interview, we do not want to handicap the kids. If given the opportunity for the children to learn more effectively and learn in a way that is not strange to them, then why not? It will only benefit them in my opinion. We all, even as teachers, learn something new everyday.
After watching these videos, I am now trying to find my entry point to pursue, as Ms. Cassidy advises. I hope to instill some of these things in my classroom, and starting now with ideas and collaborating with different people is only going to help me in my journey.


  1. Thank you Dr. Strange.
    I also wanted to add that I tweeted Ms. Cassidy and asked, How her classroom changed as a whole since she began incorporating technology in her classroom? She replied back that she thought her classroom was more connected, the kids were more empowered and parents more aware of what is happening. This to me proves that classrooms need technology as a tool for the students.

  2. Ashley I must agree with you, I wish i was present for that interview. Yes the fact that she made computers useful was great. Computers have so much potential. We have a desktop,laptop, and an ipad 2 in our home. It just seems as if we dont have enough. With my wife majoring in Nursing and me in Education wereally keep our computers at use. Sometimes my wife will have two compters going at once when she does her homework. Computers are great. Sometimes I wonder howthe world evolved before them.