Monday, May 7, 2012

Blog Post 14 Final Reflection

Sorry if any technical difficulties, my computer not would not work so I had to borrow one and it took a while to get it to work!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project #13 Report on Collaboration


   I was very lucky to have a cooperative group for projects 15 and 16. We got through our assignments together and had a good time while doing it. My group is called F-jam and it includes Jami Martin, Fred Robinson, Melissa Harrison and of course myself. Through Facebook, texting, Google hangout and a few Google docs we pushed through and got the job done.
With conflicting schedules we managed to do the best in collaborating through Google hangout and the documents we created.
   I will say at first we just tried video chatting through Google and it just was not for us. We could not all get it to go together, but the hangout was great. We could all get on and dicuss what are plans were and even do screenshares where we could see each others computer screen. My group and I would use the screen share option to pull up the instruction manual and other documents to help us through the assignments. Especially project 15, we would pull up the lesson we were working on and the person who had it pulled up could edit it while we were all watching. It was very neat. Personally I have used Google hangout a lot since I was introduced to it, with my family that lives out of town.
We never attempted to use Skype because the hangout just fulfilled what we were trying to accomplish. Being able to share our ideas through the web was a great experience.  At first we struggled on understanding how a project could be done without ever meeting face to face, except to record it, but as we found the tools necessary, we quickly changed our opinions of collaborating through means of technology. Through this experience I have learned a lot about Google and how useful it is.
    The Google docs where we shared our ideas on a document was useful as well. I can remember one night just sitting with one of my members and writing back and forth about ideas for our projects. We had so many ideas flowing that we just could not stop editing.  With children as everyone in my group has this effort of collaboration was a great success.