Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blog Post #12

My Blog Post Assignment:

For this Blog Post assignment, watch the Videos: Inclusion in Education and What is Inclusion by Lynne Adams. While watching the videos, I want you to think about what "Inclusion" really means.
Write an two or more paragraphs on your reaction to the videos and how you feel about inclusion in the classroom. Also, Identify the three types of inclusion and which one you feel that is most helpful to the student.

Inclusion In Education

Inclusion means that kids with special needs are included in classrooms with others. There are three types of inclusion: full inclusion, partial inclusion, and substantially inclusion. Ms. Lynne Adams gives very good insights to what the three mean in the video, What is Inclusion. I believe that inclusion is a good thing for the children with special needs. It allows them to feel involved with the other students and not so much like outsiders. I feel that full inclusion or no inclusion is the best.
In my opinion, partial inclusion can lead to children asking questions about why the others are only in the room for part of the day. If a child asks, where the other went, what would a teacher say? We as teachers do not want to place any kind of rude thoughts in the mind of a child. Even though I will say that if the student can only handle partial inclusion and needs to be taken out of the classroom for specific reasons that can only be handled outside of the regular classroom, then it is the best. It is hard to determine which one works the best in a classroom. It depends on the child and their needs.
Inclusion is a good thing in the schools. We as teachers should include these children as much as possible, so they will feel like part of the group. As in the video, Inclusion in Education, we all can have the same destination, but the path doesn't have to be the same. No two children are alike, despite if a special need is there or not. I feel inclusion will bring the children together more and act as one. If we prove that there is no difference in a person but only differences in characteristics, then the students might want to learn more and be more inviting to the special need students. Don't you think?
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  1. Inclusion is so important in schools. Not only for special needs children, but for every child. Children, and adults for that matter, have a tendency to shut out those who are different from them, and we need to educate them about inclusion. I think this would be an awesome assignment!

  2. Ashley,

    Inclusion in the classroom is a hot topic these days. All kids should be included. Interesting post!