Wednesday, February 8, 2012

C4T One

The Silver Bullet...
By Amber Teamann

            This particular blog post on Connected Principals, referred to what tool was the "silver bullet", for the students. Amber Teamann discussed how we, the teachers, are the major tool that influences the children of the classroom. She uses the term "silver bullet" referring to what is used to get the point across. The use of the workbook and other things that are short term focused is not as useful as the teachers taking the time to be sure that the students are gaining what they need.

I simply loved this post. Her words encompass what I strive or will strive to be as a educator.Teachers should be the most influential tool at a school. We should all want to be the ones that push the students forward in the educational life. Amber said and i quote, " Teachers are the masters of invention ". We should all take that thought and use it to the advantage of our classrooms!

Educating for Entrepreneurship by Stephan Harris

This post on connected principals was very informative. Mr. Harris wrote about how important it is to add entrepreneurship skills to secondary schooling. He commented on how it could rise the employment rates after schooling. He raises the question about what if students were tested on the impacts they have made on things rather than subject matter content. How would this change schooling? Mr. Harris refers to the students creativity and how incorporating this idea would bring real life issues to learning.

I am very interested in this sandbox project. The project is called the sandbox network. This is a very good idea that needs to be instilled in the students at a appropriate age. As I commented on his post, the children should learn these skills at an age where it will make a difference. The chart in the post is very helpful in learning what entrepreneur skills are comprised of. I plan to share this idea to others and hopefully teach some of the skills in my classroom.

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