Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blog Post #4


This post by Silvia Tolisano, is about how podcasting can be a good tool in listening and understanding the written material. Mrs. Tolisano, being a world language teacher, has some great ideas of how the students can understand the material they are reading and other languages. Letting the students record sentences of books in other languages and critiquing themselves is a good way for them to understand the importance of editing. She did a podcast with second graders in Hebrew. Each student was assigned a sentence to record. The sentences were placed out of order and the children had to put them back in the correct place. Hearing the script over and over helps the students understand the material. She stated that this lets the students play with the mechanics of languages. They also gain speaking skills while doing a project of this nature. I do not know how I could use this for my podcast, but it is very informational to podcasting. She used Garageband to record their sentences and that will be a useful tool for me.

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom

This post, including the video by Joe Dale will be very helpful to me while doing my podcast. It demonstrates the importance of podcasting in the classroom. The students gain higher order thinking skills and they can let their creativity shine. Since technology has overtaken this generation, podcasting is a very useful tool. One point the video makes is that podcasting gives the classroom a more student centered approach of learning. It makes learning enjoyable. Near the end of the post are some useful links that I will use in making my podcast. One of the links, How to Podcast, is a step by step tutorial of how to do these things. I will definitely be using that link during making of my project. I plan to incorporate podcasting in my classroom, as a teacher, because if allows the parents to be active and differentiation.

Podcast Collection by: Judy Scharf

This post also included some valuable information that we as students or teachers can use. Mrs.Scharf defines a podcast and provides some links to tutorial videos on how to podcast. I found all of the videos useful because I was lost on the idea of podcasting. I feel somewhat behind the world in technology. She also provides some tips on a successful podcast, which I recommend saving a copy, or writing them down. One of the tips provided is to be sure that you are comfortable with the software you are using to do the podcast. This makes me feel like I should review the instructions and be sure I properly know how to use the software. Another thing that she provided was a example time schedule. The time schedule is helpful because we can all keep up with what is going on. She also provided a list of suggested podcast projects that can be useful in the classroom.

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  1. Great job, Ashley! Your post was well-written and informative. I hope you have learned about the usefulness and versatility of podcasts that you can apply to your group podcast project!
    Keep up the good work :D