Tuesday, February 28, 2012

C4K February Summary

C4K #1
Mohamed in Mrs. Diaz Class
Mohamed commented on the best school ever. He claimed that his school was his second home. I rarely hear students say they like school, much less it being their second home. I hope some of my students feel that way about my future classroom. I was so glad to see these thoughts about a school come to life. He stated that he has changed schools many times and I could relate to that, because I have been to five schools since kindergarten.

C4K #2
Charlotte in Australia

Charlotte wrote a post on her holidays. She had a nice slide show of pictures that showed a few fun things things that she and her family did. She is from Australia, so it is warm there for Christmas.

I would love that. It is funny the children that I am being assigned to, all have something in common with me. Charlotte's mom, mum is how they say it, birthday is in January and so is mine. I was very shocked at how a fourth grader had such a terrific blog. I stated that I am just getting started and she probably knows more about it than I do. I could feel the excitement from her just from her comments.

C4K #3

Sarah is from Winnetka, California. She is in a seventh grade computer class and they have assignments that they post on this site. I read Sarah's about me first. She posted about how she loved cupcakes, music and had good friends that support her. I commented that i also love cupcakes and make them for parties. I was eager to know if she ever made her own cupcakes, so I asked her in my post.
One of the assignments she had to post is a self portrait of herself using paint. It looked so good, as if she actually drew it. It amazes how well these kids know how to use the resources that a computer offers. They make it look so easy. I attempted to use paint and do a self portrait and it did not look so well. The more I explore her site, the more I wish we had a class like this when I was in seventh grade.

C4K #4
5p2 GF
Mrs.T.G Class

My student this week is in 5th grade in Iowa. He was commenting on how sporting good stores should have more sales. He commented on the store Scheels. I had never heard of this store before, so I went online to see what they have. Being a softball mom, I would like this store. I completely agree with him about the sales. Sports can get very expensive.

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