Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blog Post #5

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?

This post by Dr. Scott McLeod was very interesting to me. He took the approach of downsizing the use of technology in the schools. Discussing the dangers of the web and how the basics are important. Basics meaning pen and paper assignments. This is how some educators view technology is the classroom, as a threat. Dr. McLeod actually does use the technological advances in his classroom. He is the founding director of the nations only academic center dedicated to the technology needs of the schools. Dr. McLeod is trying to get administrators of schools to understand the importance of technology. He also holds the position of Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky.
As I was reading this particular post, I gained a new insight on how I will teach my students. I learned that not only do I need to guide students in learning the technological advances; but I also have to prepare them in the dangers they might face. Technology should be viewed as a good resource that the children can use to their advantage. We have parental blocks that can be used and if we as parents and teachers monitor what our children do on the web, then it will cut down the amount of dangerous contacts. Technology is overtaking our society and we as teachers and parents should keep up with it. Dr. McLeod mentions the future, as to who will have the leg up on technology. I believe that we as education majors can assist the students and schools we enter into with learning and applying technological devices.
children on computers

Videos By: Travis Allen

These two videos iSchool Initiative and Zeitgeist Young Mind's Entry are the future of education as we know it. Travis Allen has this idea of schools becoming virtual through itouch. He calls his program the iSchool. Travis believes that this will cut back on budget cuts and large classes. The educational experience needs change and he believes he has the answer. He states that it would save 600 dollars per student. The main objective is the question does technology belong in schools. Yes, it does! The rise of technology is upon us, and these ideas will rebuild the educational process. With the ischool the teachers can place a lock on internet controls of the students.
The itouch is already capable with apps that are necessary to schooling. With the teacher being able to customize them, the experience would be amazing. This mobile learning will enable the students to be creative and they will also be prepared for the digital world.
This 'Go Green' idea will save money and at the students fingertips they will be connected to the world.
The Four Beyonds

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir

WOW!! I am absolutely amazed by this video. Eric Whitacre directs a choir via the internet. It was beautiful. They seemed so connected as if they were face to face. I thought to myself, is this real. I went and did more research and found The Introduction to the Virtual Choir. Mr. Whitacre speaks about why he started the virtual choir. The way he took 185 voices and places them together is spectacular. The following video is the actual Introduction to the Virtual Choir from you tube. Watch it!

What Does it Mean to Teach in the 21st Century

This collaborative is by Kevin Roberts. He sees teaching changing in a way where students will acquire higher order thinking skills. To teach is to guide the students in a networking system that will stay with them forever. These ideas of web based learning instead of pen and paper will link the students to the world. When i graduate I hope I can lead my students in 21st century learning. A student centered, project based classroom is ideal. The students engage in creativity and learn to apply real life skills. I see students being more interested in schooling and making it meaningful for their future. Don't we all, as future teachers, want this for our students. I know I do!

Reading Rockets

This website is truly a very resourceful tool. It has so many interesting ideas and ways to help teachers and parents assist children in reading. It provides suggestions to help the students. It is limitless to the range of students. The website provides these tips to normal learning students and to students with disabilities. I completely agree with Mr. Capps in that this website is very valuable to teachers.
One of the pages that I found helpful is the article on Autism. One of the quotes that is listed on the site is, "Teaching kids to read, and helping those who struggle"; this quote is very moving for me. I hope to pursue a teaching career in Special Education. This article explains what autism is, tips for the parents and teachers, and what is being done in the schools to help with this learning disability. One area it places emphasis on is to find the students strengths and focus on them.
Another useful article that I stumbled upon was Creating a Classroom Library. I enjoyed this one the most and plan to use this in my classroom. It is a instructional article on how to effectively create a classroom library. It begins by listing some ideas on how to organize the library. The steps include: marking the books, labeling bins and sorting the books. The author also includes suggested categories on how to create the labels. This teaches the children organization skills. They can partake in a active role in helping to set up the library. To make the classroom their own. Check out the video that is posted in the article and watch the children's faces when the teacher involves them in this process of creating a classroom library.

classroom library


  1. Hey Ashley, your post was great. I agree to preparing out students in the future the danger they can get into with the internet. Parental block should be used at home and in the school computers that the students have to use. The video by Mr. Eric was awesome so amazing how he constructed a choir through the internet. Amazing. Your post was good so keep up the good work.

  2. Great job, Ashley! I loved your take on the classroom library. I couldn't help thinking "if only someone had taught me organizational skills at an early age, I definitely wouln't make such messes now!" Also, I am going to be teaching High School level English and you cannot have an English classroom without lots of books. That would just be weird. I don't think you can ever be too organized! Some people say organization can be too extreme sometimes, but hey, it's better than the alternative; and children learn better in an environment that is free of clutter and distraction.
    Also, I never get tired of Eric Whitacre's beautiful face.....I mean musci. Thanks for sharing his introduction!
    Keep up the good work, are doing fabulously!

  3. Thanks Carly! That means a lot. I am trying very hard to keep up and do my best in this class!
    I can not wait for the day when I can involve my students in creating a classroom library. If you go to the website, there are extra links and sorts that give teachers ideas on the process.
    I thought someone might like the virtual choir introduction. Like I said, It was unbelievable to me; so I had to post the introduction for all to see.