Thursday, March 8, 2012

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Networked Student by:Wendy Drexler

In this video, The Networked Student, Mrs. Drexler informs us about students in the 21st Century. The idea of connectivism is a great way of learning. Learning that will stay with the students throughout their educational experience, as well as their careers. Connectivism is the idea of no textbooks and no lectures. Instead it is a learning base by using networks and connections.
There are so many sites that can assist the student in the learning process. One that is mentioned in the video is google scholar. It helps students find articles and web pages related to the material that is needed for class assignments; the items that are presented is needed for educational purposes. Without lectures, the video directed attention to podcasts. A student can find podcasts on the assignments that are presented to them, and have a lecture on their own by various professors. The question that was raised was " Why does the networked student even need a teacher?".
The answer to that question is simple. Students need mentors and guidance throughout the schooling years. In connectivism, instead of the teacher standing in front of the class and lecturing on and on about material pushing facts into the students head, they serve as a tool. A tool that pushes the student in the right direction, helps them when they are stuck on an assignment and to praise them on a job well done. The networked student uses all the tools of technology to gather information. If the student has never used them before then the teacher is there to help them understand the proper use of the technological tools.
The children are in control of their learning and this gives them motivation to succeed. Note that all children are not the same. Some learn better on their own and some learn more efficiently with a mentor giving directions and rules. Teachers today, should prepare themselves on how to handle that situation. They need to start thinking about the future and what could possibly happen in schools. 21st century learning is happening in places and creeping up in every school. While it is good to have one on one interactions with teachers, the students do indeed learn by far more when they are actively learning and pursuing it on their own. This video was a learning experience for me, I am ready to become a 21st century teacher and guide children in ways that will influence them for the rest of their lives.
networked student

A 7th graders PLE

This particular 7th grade class is focused on internet based learning. The children have control of their learning experience via the internet. This student in the video states that it provides a responsibility to her that is helpful. Her PLE compared to my PLN, which I have just started, is way more advance. I only wish I got the educational skills in school that children are getting today. She uses a note taking site called evernote to keep track of all the information she uses. This will be a helpful tool for me. Also her PLE, is organized in rows of categories. For example, all of her school sites are in one row and her social sites are in another. I definitely think that would help me have a more organized PLN, and it would benefit me in learning the use of it. As I began search helpful insights on building my PLN, I stumbled across this video, that can be useful.

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