Monday, January 30, 2012

Blog Assignment 2

  Did You Know? 3.0
Did You Know 3.0-A John Strange Version   
       This is a you tube video based on the Did You Know 3.0 by Fisch and Mcleod. Technology is taking over the world in every aspect. More and more foreign individuals are learning English and advancing with us during this technological time. There are over millions of Google searches every day per minute and we as a population use computer smart devices on a regularly basis.
         We as educators need to be technologically smart to help our students prepare for upcoming jobs and prepare them for the society we live in today. In the original video by Fisch and Mcloed, they state that we should prepare children for jobs that don't exist. The U.S is a growing and changing place, and we all should attempt to keep up with the advancements that our society has made. Think about it, for our students that we will be teaching will have jobs that even us as educators will have to learn.

    Mr. Winkle Wakes by: Mathew Needleman
    Mr. Winkle Wakes
         Mr. Needleman states the obvious, that our society is ever-changing. We need to keep up with the changes or one day we will wake up like Mr. Winkle and be lost. One thing I want to add is that the schools today are more advance than what Needleman was portraying.
      They are indeed still a bit behind in some aspects but are catching up quickly. Computers are being used in school for lessons and by the students more than ever before. Machines drive who we are now and almost everything we do in our lives. For example, we tend to text or email anything we needs to be said; instead of  writing a letter or calling. Most of us even pay our bills online instead of mailing them. Change is upon us and fast approaching every single detail in our lives.

     Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity
      The Importance of Creativity
          Human creativity is very unpredictable and as Sir Ken states multiple times, It is just as important as the other subjects in school. For example, he stated that Math is important, but creativity having equal importance pushes the students in different ways. The capabilities of children are more advance than what we expect and influenced by many technological advancements. We are to create artists in the children, as Sir Ken referred to we he spoke of the unknown futures of the children today.
          Technology is transforming our society in imaginable ways that will provide to our children different occupations than ever seen before. Education is expressed in many ways. If we as teachers take the possibilities and add the creative arts to those possibilities, then for many students; the modifications will better assist them in their future. They will excel in creativity and that proves value of an educational system.

      A Vision for 21st Century Learning 
     A Vision for 21st Century Learning
          The main argument of this video is that our schools are somewhat lagging behind in the technology advancements that the society as a whole is partaking in. The world is a ever-changing society of innovations in computers and in networking. It is how we live our lives. Through networking and other aspects of the digital world we learn new things everyday.
technology advancements today
          The schools are still being placed in passive classrooms with a teacher who dictates the class. In our society today, with all the technology, I believe classrooms should be more student-centered, instead of the old teacher-centered approach. Instead of them sitting passively as the video refers to; they should be actively engaging themselves in every way possible. The students should be taught the many uses of technology and prepared to apply it to different situations.

      Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
   Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
       Featured in this short video is Vicki Davis, she is a teacher who is guiding the students in direction they need to go to be able to succeed better in the future. Her classroom is all about technology; it seems a bit like Dr. Strange's class. Teachers learning with the students is a very valuable aspect in empowering the children to excel in many ways. Focusing on the strengths and weakness of the children in the class accommodates them in ways that make them interested in learning. For example, if an educator has a student who can not perform as many of the assignments as the others, then accommodations for that student will help he or she to feel as part of the group. This will make learning a positive thing instead of it becoming a negative aspect of the students life.
       Preparing the students for the future is ideal for classrooms. Placing more technology in schools will provide a more stable outcome when the students enter the world as adults. Even though a new skill is added to the computers and/or any device everyday; we still learn them and use them to our advantage. Teachers should be equipped to instruct the students on these various skills and also be prepared to learn with them. One last thought, teachers, as I will to my classroom, should serve as a mentor in guiding the children in various ways to empower them and give them options in excelling in the ways the best suits them for the future.



  1. Your summaries are right on target. I liked your Wordle also!

  2. As a teacher in one of the largest urban school districts in the country I can tell you that schools are note catching up quickly to technology use in the outside world.

    1. Matthew
      Hopefully soon this will change. I believe it would provide a more effective learning experience.

  3. Hi Ashley! I really enjoyed reading your posts. You have shown that you understand the importance of the videos this week. I was impressed with your statement...

    "One last thought, teachers, as I will to my classroom, should serve as a mentor in guiding the children in various ways to empower them and give them options in excelling in the ways the best suits them for the future."

    I agree! There is a great need for teachers who are willing to put forth the effort to accomplish this and I believe those future teachers are US!

    1. Thanks Courtney! We should all try to be the ones who change the way things are taught. Letting the children know that we as teachers will be there for them, and not just there to grade their papers will help the children in the learning process.