Friday, January 20, 2012

Blog Assignment 1

A Few Facts ABOUT ME :
Hello Everyone, My name is Ashley Phillips. I am from a small town called Sylacauga Alabama. I have two wonderful daughters, Kaylee, whom is 8 and Annah, whom is two. They keep me on my toes most of the time. Sometimes I wonder why God blessed me with two girls, and anybody with girls knows what I am talking about. In all reality, I would not be the person i am today without them. All of my family lives in my hometown of Sylacauga and sometimes its gets frustrating being down here with no HELP with certain things but I always seem to manage. 

I recently returned to USA after about seven years. I took off and moved back home and when I came back to Mobile, I went to Bishop for a few years. Last semester i changed my major to Elementary Education. I have been studying nursing and after Annah was born I took a look at what i was doing and decided that this was the right path for me!! I love children!! Now sometimes it can get a little stressful, but it is all worth it in the end. I work at a daycare right now and love seeing the kid's faces when they learn something new, or understand something that they did not understand before. the fact that I helped them achieve that accomplishment is very gratifying to me. I am also very interested in teaching special education. Autistic children would be ideal for me. I am very passionate about being the one person that can teach and touch those children lives.

I have many personal interests which include the beach, and four wheeler riding; I just really enjoy being outside!!  I don't know if i will have time to do any of that this semester, but we will see! I am very determined and so ready to begin my career as an educator. I am very involved with my girls, or at least i try to be. My oldest plays softball, and I absolutely love being a softball mom!! I have a motto in life and it is "Live life to the fullest, Love with all your heart, and Laugh as much as possible"! 

Randy Pausch - Time Management
Time Management is a major issue with me. I am always stressing about if I have time to get everything done that is required that day. I always catch myself saying," I need more hours in a day". This time management video by Mr. Pausch put a couple of things in perspective for me. For instance, I have always tried to make to do list and things but always end up trashing them because I just didn't follow it. He made some very interesting points about goal setting and to do lists. I took form the video to ask myself why am i making these lists and that having a plan is a good way of organizing time. A good point I will take with me from now on is that; If the plan is broken, not to let it throw me off and keep on with my day. I don't know much about Mr. Randy Pausch, but he seems to be very organized!

Time Management Exercises - Penn State
This exercise was the most helpful to me. After reading all the way through the article I actually did the little exercise at the end, where we fill in the blanks on how much time when spend a day on certain things. WOW, I had almost 70-75 hours of just blank time! It was nice to see that! Now I can start on my time skills. I recommend if your are reading this that you check that little fill in the blank exercise, you will not believe the extra time a week that you actually have!!


  1. Welcome to EDM310. This is a test. This comment should be sent to your Gmail account and to Thanks for starting early!

  2. Sylacauga is famous for its marble and for Ashley. Welcome to EDM310.

    What do you know about Randy Pausch now? Did you try to find out anything about him? You will watch Randy Pausch's Last Lecture later this semester. It is a powerful and moving video!

  3. Thanks Dr. Strange, and yes Sylacauga is famous for their marble. Most people around Mobile have never even heard of my home town.
    I did do some research on Mr. Pausch after watching the video. I found out why he tried to express time as being so valuable, because of his cancer. I took at glance and a few more videos and they were very touching.

  4. Hello Ashley. Like you, I am also from a small town that many people have not heard of. In my hometown, mostly everyone is related in some form or fashion literally. Also like you, I use to major in the medical field until I realized I was doing it more because my family wanted me to. However, it was not what I really wanted to do.

  5. Rodney
    That's how it is in my hometown. Everybody knows everybody. I think that's why i attempted nursing for so long because my grandmother is a retired nurse.

    I hope this works out for you. I have realized if you really want to do something and have passion for it, then it always works out in the end.